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The call

March 12, 2010

My other half and I have made a decision ( it was me who came up with the idea) , that all the things that we have ( a few acres of land and 2 houses) will be divided equally to our children.

The terrace house in Gong Badak  and a piece of a paddy lot ( one acre) will be Wanie’s. A piece of land (1/3 acre worth about RM60 thousand , if the budget’s right, we’ll built a house for him) and a paddy lot (one acre) will be my only son’s. Lastly the small bungalow built on an acre land that we are going to spend our golden years together will be given to my youngest.

I think everyone should be happy.



Recently I received a call from my father. He asked me, “why didn’t you get anything ?”  I told him that I don’t need  those things. Upon hearing that he said,”Children will change.” I said, ” It’s okay. You don’t have to worry.”

After a pause, father said, ” In the future, if anything happens, you can always come back and live here (in his house). Even though I’m gone, this house will not be named after one person. Everyone is welcomed.”

Tears came rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t know that he’s  worried about me. There was a pause again. I could feel his emotions. Finally, I managed to say something. ” Don’t worry, dad. I’ll stay there if something happens.”

For a while, I kept thinking. I’m over forty years old now.  And he’s seventy-three…….



~ A few asked me about my previous entry. I’m touched by your thoughts.  Thank you for being my friends.  I’ll be strong, as always.

To all my friends,  I’ve  decided to close the comment box temporarily.  Sorry……….

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